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Tuesday, 21 June 2011




Welequip Australia has a wide range of quality equipment for food storage and handling.

Trolleys are available for storing plates, plate covers, trays and other hardware.

A range of tray make up and plating coneyors ranging from gravity roller to powered PVC belt and the hygenic powered twin band conveyors.  All conveyors are available with or without a power distribution system built into the unit.  All power distribution systems are wired in accordance with the SAA Wiring Codes.

Transport, Storage, and Tray trolleys are available in 2/1 single bay gastronorm and 1/1 double bay gastronorm.  Trolleys are fully welded construction, all stainless steel with the exception of the zinc plated 125 diamterer swivel castors.  Trolley capacity can be adjusted to suit your requirements. 


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