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Tuesday, 21 June 2011
Multi-Line, the new dimension in induction technology from INDUCS
  • Choice of three cooking systems
  • Patented cooking system for cable-free temperature
  • R T C S ™ - Realtime Temperature Control System - for realtime temperature monitoring and regulation
  • You set the power level, holding or cooking temperature, Multi-Line keeps it spot-on
  • Multifunctional, thanks to comprehensive accessories
  • Multi-Line offers virtually unlimited possibilities

Basic model with ceramic glass top for conventional cooking with induction-compatible pans

System 1 - Cooking with power levels

Just switch on the unit and off you go!

Set the power on a conventional 1 to 12 scale or select one of the three preset levels. User controls are self-explanatory and extremely simple to operate.

Of course, here you also benefit from superior INDUCS technology: 
ultra-rapid pan heating, energy savings thanks to realtime control, multi-functionality and proven quality

System 2 - Cooking with hold function

During food preparation you want to maintain the current cooking temperature.

RTCS™ technology from INDUCS makes even this wish come true: a quick press of the hold button switches the unit from cooking with power levels to hold mode: the pan base temperature is measured and maintained spot-on using a non-contact technique.

No need for the cook to keep a constant eye on the pan no bothersome knob-twiddling. Our technology helps you achieve easy concurrent working for greater efficiency and economy.
System 3 - Cooking with temperature system

The Multi-Line temperature system is the ideal professional tool for your culinary creativity. The Realtime Temperature Control System puts you in complete charge of what's cooking. Everything expected in a modern kitchen is effortlessly there, including the gentlest possible cooking temperatures. Just place a previously calibrated pan at the centre of the hotplate area, select the corresponding pan memory pre-set, then press the «Temperature» button.

Set the desired temperature using either the «+/-» buttons, or select one of your three pre-set temperatures.

The instantaneous temperature appears in the LED display; simply press the «Temperature» button if you want to read the set temperature.


Select the pre-programmed pan setting

Set the desired temperature

Recall pre-set temperatures


Basic model with wok attachment for wok cooking

Basic model with pasta cooking pot and pasta baskets (4 segments)

Basic model with non-stick Teflon-griddle plate inc. spatter shield and fat drip tray

Sear at 210°c Continue cooking at 98°c Keep cooked food hot at 78°c
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