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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Revolution in served and self-served counters in all areas.
The Perfect heat-retaining concept from Inducs.


Have you already asked yourself when it will finally stop? To fill up jelly fuel, to wait until the water temperature reaches 80C, to put in and exchange GN inserts, to burn hands, water drops, dips in temperature, loss of quality, high personnel, cleaning and maintenance costs. We want to stop all of this with our Hold-Line heat-retaining concept.



Simple handling - less preparation
The Inducs induction appliance is ready to use immediately. Just place a specially designed porcelain insert on the Ceran surface and choose a power setting. The constant temperature, which is needed to keep the food warm or to continue cooking, develops in the base of the insert.
  Perfect quality thanks to constant heat
Never again tepid food or water drops. The food is kept warm constantly (no matter if the roll lid is open or closed) thanks to the electronically transmitted energy (stage 1 approx 70C, stage 2 approx 85C). With the lid closed, the food is kept at the optimum humidity which generates the quality.


Now heat retention is so simple
Never fill up water tubs. Never experience water drops because of high humidity. Because the unit develops the heat only where required, in the bottom insert. The energy transmitted using the Inductherm-coated porcelain inserts ensures that the Ceran surface serves exclusively as a base and remains cold (tepid from the heat of the insert).
  Optimises your profitability & inventory
No need for methylated spirit or burning paste and the odours they bring. The optimum electronic energy transmission ensures an efficient and most economical heating system. The heat-retaining unit needs only energy when the Inductherm porcelain insert is placed on the Ceran surface. There is neither a long heating-up time nor a waste of residual heat.

Simple Mounting
The induction heating system is offered as a built-in
option, as well as a free-standing unit.
Simple mounting thanks to a solid frame construction.

Hold Line: concept - Available in three styles

Stainless steel 18/10 and brass Stainless steel or silver plated The technical 'heart' of an induction heat-retaining unit Hold-Line BH/HO 800
Induction heat-retaining appliance
  • Classic shape, stylish chafing dish with roll-top lid
  • Available in 18/10 stainless steel and silver plate with a choice of handles and legs
  • Smooth opening action with lid break
  • Ventilated lid to maintain optimum climate
  • Clean, compact, and easy to use induction heating system
  • State of the art technology is extremely economical and reliable to use
  • Two heat settings give flexibility and control of food temperature
  • Solid construction, engineered for long-term performance
  • Three porcelain serving dish options available

Only the best is good enough
To ensure the perfect performance of the Hold-Line heat-retaining system, the correct porcelain inserts must be used. Our porcelain serving dishes with Inductherm coating ensure even heat transfer without hot-spots. Easy to use and clean, the serving dishes are available in three sizes.

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