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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Griddle-Line from Inducs
the next generation of grill technology is already here


warm-up time

The entire griddle surface
is measured and monitored 


Cable-free temperature measurement,
close to the food

R T C S ™
Realtime Temperature Control System
Instantaneous digital temperature regulation


No protein
or fluid loss

Highly economical thanks to
precisely targeted energy 


Record Breaking warm-up time


Wide-ranging flexibility and individualism are top economic factors in today's gastronomy. Fast and efficiently deployable equipment has become a must. Griddle-Line with its unmatched activation time, makes a dependable working tool.


Uniform heat distribution

The temperature is the same at the centre of the griddle surface as it is in the edges. A frying surface specially developed for the Griddle-Line plus RTCS™ induction technology together provide uniform heating. No need to change position of items during frying - everything is cooked just the same, from edge to edge.  

No thermal loss around the edges


Reduced energy consumption

  Various factors help to optimise and ultimately cut down on energy consumption. First, there is no need to increase the temperature before putting fresh items on to fry - RTCS™ with its rapid response time prevents from any energy-intensive drop in temperature. Second, the real-time microprocessor controller only delivers the amount of energy actually required at any given moment. Third, careful choice of materials ensures optimal heat storage and thermal balance.

Only the instantaneously required energy is used


Excellent frying quality

When a fresh item is placed on the griddle, a drop in temperature of just 0.5° C is recognised and compensated in real-time. Such a rapid response completely prevents moisture and protein from seeping out. The result: absolute minimum weight loss and improved quality - the juices stay trapped inside. Also, there is 20% - 30% greater efficiency in terms of weight loss and, last but not least, truly delicious fried food.

Saves the goodness in meat


Low losses for high efficiency


No protein seepage

Juices stay inside


Low heat radiation

The novel induction griddle plate with its specially treated HPCR stainless steel surface does not radiate much warmth, which makes for a pleasant working environment. No fatiguing waves of heat, no elaborate ventilation - once again, everything adds up to greater efficiency and economy.     Measuring position:
2 cm above the griddle surface

Centre measuring point:
45° C

Griddle plate temperature:
200° C


 Astonishingly low thermal radiation 


Tabletop induction unit


Griddle with two frying zones

Independent temperature zones
and controllers for
even more efficient working

Two basic models with different power outputs and dimensions. Strongly built, compact, equipped with the latest RTCS™ technology. Entire housing in CrNi steel with flush-fitting induction griddle plate. Rounded edges and a smooth surface make for effective, efficient cleaning. Temperature adjustment via stepless rotary control, LCD display of desired and current temperature. 
  • Patented Realtime Temperature Control System for temperature-controlled frying with non-contact measurement and real-time control (European Patent EP 0858722)

  • Specially developed induction griddle plate with HPCR-Inox treated surface

  • Temperature measurement, control and monitoring over the entire griddle surface

  • Instant response to changes in temperature setting

  • Latest SMD technology, controlled by microprocessor

  • Maximum convenience and operating safety thanks to multiple protective and monitoring functions

  • Electronic monitoring of the energy supply

  • Temperature adjustment range
    20° C - 250° C
    Rapid warm-up period:
    20° C - 200° C in 4 1/2 minutes
    Replaceable grease filter cartridge
    Complies with the latest standards:
    VDE EN 60335-1 / -2/ 36, UL 197;
    CAN/CSA/C 22.2 No. 109, NSF 4-1996, CE-compliant



Single-zone griddle with add-on splatter shield. High-quality materials guarantee for long service life.

Revolutionary HPCR-Inox surface. Tough, easily cleaned, with novel resilient surface.

Deep-draw griddle plate construction avoids material stresses even under conditions of sustained heat.

Wide juice collector with 1 litre capacity.

Height-adjustable, lockable feet.

Operating controls
Temperature regulator potentiometer 10 k0hm and LCD display
Dimensions W x D x H Griddle area Griddle zones
Griddle-Line SH/GR 3500 521 x 440 x 198 mm 475 x 300 mm 1
Griddle-Line SH/GR 5000 521 x 440 x 198 mm 475 x 300 mm 1
Griddle-Line SH/DU/GR 7000 646 x 665 x 198 mm 600 x 525 mm 2
Griddle-Line SH/DU/GR 10000 646 x 665 x 198 mm 600 x 525 mm 2
Technical specifications Voltage Power Weight
Griddle-Line SH/GR 3500 208 / 230 V 3,5 kW 22 kg
Griddle-Line SH/GR 5000 208 / 400 V 5,0 kW 22 kg
Griddle-Line SH/DU/GR 7000 208 / 400 V 7, 0 kW 45 kg
Griddle-Line SH/DU/GR 10000 208 / 400 V 10, 0 kW 45 kg
Fat drip tray, splatter shield, griddle spatula, cleaning pad 
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